Date of Upload: 17th September, 2020

Class Teacher Time - My Favourite Book

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”

World Literacy Day is celebrated globally to remind the international community of the importance of literacy for individuals, communities and societies. To commemorate Literacy Day and to promote the importance of education, Class Teacher Time was dedicated to some great authors and their creations, popular books, and amazing stories. Teachers initiated the class with the divine blessing of almighty God and the thought for the day. After which students were ready to discuss important current happenings around the world. To wish the birthday boy and girl and celebrate it in a special way, teachers and students clapped while the birthday tune was played. Eventually, the activity of the day started with a bang! Students had to show their favourite book and also share why they liked it so much. Since Pranganites love reading and have been inspired and instructed by their teachers to read. Each and every child spoke about their favourite stories and novels. But as every good thing comes to an end. Class teachers concluded the class by telling them about their favourite book. On this auspicious occasion of World literacy day:  We pray that every child must get the opportunity to learn and get educated. 

Topics discussed: Theme- World Literacy Day 

Grade-II:  Page- 57 (Story Time)

Grade-III: Page- 32, 33 (Book lovers)

Grade-IV: Page- 62, 63 (Book Club)

Grade-V:  Page- 51 (Authors and their creations)