Date of Upload: 14th September, 2020

Grandparents Day Celebration

Friday, September 11th was an extraordinary day to cherish the love, bond and extol the true connection between the Grandparents and their Grandchildren, as children of Grade II and IV celebrated the Grandparents’ Day.

It was an amazing session which started with a lovely song: ‘Showing their importance in our lives’ 

The activity commenced with students performing different things to showcase their love and respect for their grandparents. Be it sharing their grandma’s mouth-watering recipes, grandpa’s bedtime stories or their favourite pastime games.

‘Distance is not a barrier’, students took pride in sharing heart-warming messages, for their Grandparents and brought their presence amidst us. A few of them gave a wonderful dance performance on their favourite old songs. Some children even sang the famous old songs of their time.

Children made the moment unforgettable by gifting them a handmade card and telling, how much they love them.

The session ended with a beautiful video: ‘sharing a message from all the grandchildren to their grandparents.’ 

It was a wonderful activity where students got a chance to express their love and emotions for their grandparents and could connect even better with them. Children became more confident as they spoke about their feelings for their grandparents. The activity also helped the children to become aware of all the effort taken by their grandparents to keep them happy. The priceless moments were cherished by one and all!