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Date of Upload: 14th September, 2020

Indoor Plants Week

“We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is really nurturing us.” – Jenny Uglow

Friday, September 11th, was an amazing day which added a new feather in the relationship between human beings and plants as the children of Grade V recognized and celebrated the ‘National Indoor Plant Week’. 

It was an amazing session which started with the importance of plants in the internal space as they make the environment look green and fresh by purifying the air. They help in decoration and make the place lively. Children also learnt that it’s easy to handle them as they occupy less space.

Children were made aware of the names and benefits of various indoor plants with the help of the video: 

Students also got a chance to learn about making a good and free fertilizer at home with the help of a video: 

During the activity, students performed different things as they shared various indoor plants in their homes along with their benefits. They created beautiful pots and plant carriers by using the material lying at home like empty bottles, old tray or even old shoes, which were displayed during the class. The students also shared which indoor plant would they like to be, depending upon their benefits and medicinal values. Some children even shared easy and interesting tips on how they take care of their house plants.

It was a wonderful activity where students got a chance to learn about varied indoor plants, their medicinal importance. They became sensitive towards plants and got an opportunity to be imaginative as they created beautiful plant pots and carriers. Astounding learning with a lot of fun accomplished all the learning objectives.