Date of Upload: 10th September, 2020

Mentor Time - Demonstration of Life Skills

I was just a kid,

I clung and clutched to you for support, 

I looked into your eyes, 

Every time I moved ahead with my wobbly steps.

Soon under your able guidance, 

My tiny steps became confident strides!

As you involved me, in learning, by doing.

Today I proudly stand,

As a Young Adult to inculcate Life Skills!

You made me aware that now is the time,

 to reflect, and to adapt. 

You enthused me with confidence, 

To visualize

What do I want to be?

To become a better, me!

As I owe it to myself and India, My Motherland!

These were the sentiments echoed by each Pranganite as they prepared to present a roleplay on What I want to be? And talk about the skills which will help them embark on this journey to happiness and success. The class is divided into three groups of 10 students each. Each group will present their role-play on respective Wednesdays. The students got inspired by various role models such as Anadi Gopal Joshi – First Female Doctor, Kalpana Chawla – The Astronaut, Gunjan Saxena – Kargil Girl, Indira Gandhi - The First and only Female Prime Minister, Neeta Ambani – Classical Dancer turned into an entrepreneur and a famous social worker, Manish Malhotra – Celebrity Fashion Designer, Madame  Marie Curie – Inventor of radium, Sudha Murthy – an Engineer turned into Teacher, Entrepreneur, author and a social worker, Naresh Trehan - Indian cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon, One child Aspire to be the Chief Minister of MP, Architects, Teacher etc.

They identified the skills which made them successful and showed interest to inculcate these skills to achieve their goals. The activity culminated today on 9th September.