Date of Upload: 7th September, 2020

Virtual Teacher's Day Celebration 2020

To all the amazing teachers who not only teach the curriculum, but also the important lessons of life which will be carried in the hearts of the students forever!!!

The event started by appreciating all the efforts of teachers and parents. A tribute was paid to Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, whose birthday is observed as Teachers’ Day every year. Students solved the Jigsaw puzzle with their teacher’s childhood photographs and thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Guess Who Game?’ 

To make the event more memorable students got dressed as their teachers, did mimicry and sent their teachers in splits of laughter. Some students read out messages and poems for their beloved teachers. Teachers were overwhelmed by their students’ unconditional love!  The session helped teachers and students to establish a stronger bond! This indeed is the true wealth a teacher strives to earn!