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Date of Upload: 1st September, 2020

Unity in Diversity III

On 31st August our magical journey of ‘Unity in Diversity’ celebrated its last and final Phase, in class teacher’s time. It was an expedition to 28 states and it seems that we have had a virtual tour of the whole country.  Class Teacher initiated the class with the divine blessing of almighty God followed by news shared by the students.

Diversity makes India distinctive from other places in the world. It does not pull people apart, it brings them closer together. This whole event aimed at educating the students about how Indians are united despite the much diversity of culture, races, living styles, facial features, religions, castes,  communities, languages and dialects. Last but not the least, the final group of 10 students were ready with their presentations from different states of India. They shared insightful information of the state and even replicated the natives by wearing the traditional dress and even greeting in their language. Through this activity, we have learnt so much about our county which is a proud accomplishment for Pranganites. Teachers grabbed this opportunity to share and discuss one topic related to the theme of patriotism from their General knowledge books.    We salute and uphold the sovereignty and oneness of our country.   The world appreciates India's peaceful and harmonic upholding of unity in diversity. 

Link of the Birthday song: 

Topics discussed: Theme- Independence Day

Grade-II:   I Love India

Grade-III:  Knowing Northern India

Grade-IV:   Shining India

Grade-V:    Rivers of India