Date of Upload: 29th August, 2020

Friday Fever - Sportfy

As the quote goes, ‘If you are afraid of failure, you don’t deserve to be successful.’ Consistency is the key to success. Sport teaches the value of consistency and how it can transform one’s outlook on life. Sports develop a person physically and mentally. It brings discipline into a person’s life. This discipline was seen in the young minds, sparkling eyes and the pure souls of Prangan.

As the nation celebrates the National Sports Day on 29th August, the Pranganites made it special by participating in the Quiz based on varied Sports on 28th August, Friday during the Events & Competition time.

The children were made to see a short video on the biography of Dhayan Chand. After which they got all the motivation to participate zealously in the quiz. 

The students were bang on and each team played neck to neck and the event moulded into a successful one. 

The students were brought face to face with the geniuses of Paralympics and made them experience the power of one’s supreme will which enlightened the beacon of hope in them. 

As it is rightly said by Bruce Jenner “I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability”, the children learned that obstacles can never be a hurdle if we strive for something with all our heart.

Bundling with joy, they were also mesmerized by looking back towards the captures of Young Olympia that glistened in their eyes.