Date of Upload: 25th August, 2020

Unity in Diversity II

Class teacher’s time is a much-awaited event for Pranganites as it starts the week with fun and frolic and what’s better than celebrating India’s uniqueness and its rich and vibrant culture. 24th August was ‘Day II’ of the activity ‘Unity in diversity’. After seeking God’s blessing, it was time to continue with the event and the next group of students couldn’t hold their horses any more. Children dressed up in beautiful traditional dresses from different states presented themselves wonderfully. They had a lot of information to share about each state; its history, lifestyle, delectable cuisine, monuments and landscapes. They collected pictures, textile and handicraft to show and tell. Teachers congratulated every child for all the incredible efforts put in by the students’ they concluded the class by narrating stories of bravery and courage of our country from their Value Education books.

Topics discussed: Theme - Independence Day.

Value Education Book - Living In Harmony :

Grade-II:  L-8: Love Your Land

Grade-III:  L-10: The gift of peace

Grade-IV:  L- 10: India home to all religions

Grade-V:  L-9: I Love India