Date of Upload: 24th August, 2020

Timeless Treasures

Ryan Pfluger, famous for his portraits, once said, “All I knew was that I did not want anyone that came into my life ever to feel that they are not seen. And then, I picked up a camera.”

Photographs are timeless treasures. They preserve memories. One photo is powerful enough to remind you of an event or an occasion. You see a picture, and it brings you back to the time, and something remains vivid in your memory. And memory is something beautiful!

Friday, August 21st was an extraordinary day for the Pranganites to reminisce the old memories and make it alive by sharing it with their peers in the form of photographs.

Children were allowed to either share any old photograph or click a new one and try their hands-on photography and talk about it. Through the art of photography, children were able to communicate their feelings and express themselves fully. By just looking at these pictures children were able to feel that particular moment and share it with everyone.

Some children were happy picking up an old photograph and sharing their memories that were lost. At the same time, others had captured a few candid moments for this day. Children were also very excited to share their old class photographs and talk about their friends and teachers. Some children acted as presenters and shared the collage of their pictures in the form of PowerPoint presentations. From family trips to first birthday celebration pictures, from family tree collage to virtual reality pictures, from award ceremony pictures to natural photography, a wide range of themes were witnessed on this day. Teachers also taught them some essential tips and tricks on photography. Children were exhilarated to know about the correct handling of the camera and its proper usage.   

It was a gladdening experience to hear all the children sharing their beautiful, timeless memories and genuinely allowing them to express themselves to others.