Date of Upload: 8th August, 2020

Partners in Fun & Frolic

Friday, August 7th was an extraordinary day to cherish the love, bond and extol the true connection between a brother and a sister and among friends & families because they are the ones, who share little moments and create memories.

The day was full of sparkles as children from Grade II to V participated in the Raksha Bandhan/Rakhi, Friendship Day and Eid Celebration with full zeal and zest.

Before commencing the activity, children were made aware of the significance of the festivals, by telling them about the history of these celebrations.

By knowing the story behind the festival of Eid, children learnt the importance of trust and belief in the Almighty which will in return help them to maintain strong relationship bonds throughout their lives.

With the idea of celebrating Raksha Bandhan, that portrays the ‘symbol of protectiveness’ in a joyous way, children wrote beautiful letters and messages for the brave soldiers of Indian National Army and read them during the session. They also promised to post these letters to C/O 99 APO (Army Post Office or C/O 56 APO, once the lockdown is over, as they wanted to show their love and gratitude to the real heroes of our country and make their festival an unforgettable one.

Children also celebrated ‘Friendship Day’, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of August of every year, by sharing a memorable incident, when they helped their friend/sibling or someone helped them when they were in real need.

Some of them shared their old pictures with their best friends & siblings and some even had a background of these photographs.

It was a heart-touching experience to hear all the children sharing their thoughts and emotions on the wonderful celebrations. By being a part of this activity children will surely understand the importance of harmonious friendship, will learn to express their emotions and value the sacrifices made by our Army.