Date of Upload: 5th August, 2020

Mentor Period: A session to inculcate Life Skills

‘In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life.’

 The development of life skills at an early age enables students to become self-motivated learners. It equips them with a better understanding of the working of the world around them. They grow up to be more balanced, contented and happy.  As they act like responsible individuals by learning and evolve by doing.

Desiring to groom our students to face any challenge in life, we at Prangan decided to train our ‘Young Adults’ on the Life Skills during our online Mentor Time Session. The patriotic month of August gave us a platform to introduce the legendary Indian personalities and study their life skills, which contributed to their success. 

Students were taught about the ‘IQ Skills and the QI Skills.’ IQ Skills are the intelligence potential of an individual. Such as the reading, writing and arithmetic skills. QI Skills, on the other hand, represent a new set of skills which are essential for success in today’s rapidly changing world. There are seven QI Skills- ‘Me Skill, We Skill, Why Skill, Will Skill, Wiggle Skill, Wobble Skill and What If Skill.’ Each skill was briefly explained and illustrated. 

Students discussed the different kinds of skills and understood how they can impact their life in a positive way. 

We will continue with our humble efforts because we believe, ‘The more we develop life skills individually, the more these effects and benefits the world in which we live!’