Date of Upload: 27th July, 2020

Class Teacher's Time - I Wish My Teacher Knew

"I do believe that relationships are at the heart of every learning experience”, Kyle Schwartz (writer of the book ’I Wish My Teacher Knew) 

Class teacher’s time held on 27th July was a blend of novel thoughts and creative ideas. Students were greeted by their class teacher with the ‘Good morning song.’ After seeking God’s blessings students discussed current happenings around the world. To their surprise, teachers played ‘Dance and Freeze’ with them as an ice-breaking activity. Students enjoyed it thoroughly and kept asking for more. In Prangan, we believe that a class is a community of learners, a place where children feel empowered and valued. To open the door for more communication and empathy between teachers and students, class teachers came up with an interactive speaking- skill activity: ‘I Wish My Teacher Knew’. Students were given four topics to speak upon i.e. celebration, a concern, a cute story, or a curiosity question. They used this invaluable opportunity to have fun; they revealed vital information about what they really wanted to share with their class teachers. Some answers shared by the students were extraordinary, funny, and spellbinding. Storytelling was among the favourites whereas some chose to ask a question they were curious about. The day ended with loads of sharing and laughter.