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Date of Upload: 27th July, 2020

EVOLVE- Starting and running your own student-led social initiative

On 25th July, our guest speakers, Navya Krishak and Alvi Nafees, conducted a very engaging session on - Starting and running your own student-led social initiative. 

Having started their own social initiative: Zariyaa your story, which is a community aimed at spreading awareness about social stigmas around mental health and providing a platform for anyone to share their stories of bullying, harassment or abuse, the alums decided to shed light on the importance of voicing one’s opinions and ideologies through any means possible.

The session helped students gain an insight on the steps to follow when initially starting up one’s passion project and the alums also discussed tips for effective management of a project and overcoming hurdles like inadequate funding at length. Moreover, the session highlighted the prevalence of social media in today’s day and age and how it can be used to effectively communicate one’s creative ideas to make the world a better place.

The students, as well as the teachers, had a great time interacting with the alums and gained a lot from the session!

The students may connect with the alums on their respective ids below for any further information and help -