Date of Upload: 25th July, 2020

Class Teacher Time - The Funny Forest

Mindful activities, heart whelming interactions build a strong connection between students and teachers during the Class Teacher Time.   As we triumphantly commence with a mission to uphold Mother Nature, Pranganites are engrossed in finding ways to conserve and protect the environment around us. The class teachers have also imprinted in their hearts the anthem of reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

So this week’s fun activity was to create a mini terrarium in a bottle or jar and we named it ‘The Funny Forest’. The whole purpose was to rebuild the connection of nature with little children using tools and materials available around the house. Such a creation needed a lot of patience and creativity. They explored new plants and flowers and placed little miniature animals to make the forest realistic. 

The outcomes were absolutely fantastic! And learning was simply great when the teacher concluded the class by narrating stories on nature conservation.

Topics Discussed: Grade II to V: 

Grade II  : I love nature

Grade III : Our treasure chest

Grade IV  : Learning from plants

Grade V   : Love nature