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Date of Upload: 20th July, 2020

Upcycling Household Items To Create Art

On 18th July, our very own alum, Radhika Vichitra conducted an interactive session of “Evolve”, a Student Led Activities Program on the topic - Upcycling Household Items To Create Art.

During this session, she gave students innovative techniques to upcycle different products which are available at our houses. Radhika talked about the expanse of plastic pollution in the environment and how our everyday activities have a huge impact on the climate.

She then showed the students a few creative ideas of upcycling household items and making greeting cards, grass heads and more. Students learnt the technique of leaf embossing. From the process of making a grass head by using simple everyday items such as paper, an empty jar, an old sock, and few seeds to making a self–watering plant using old cloth, Radhika illustrated how one can effectively re-use the item which otherwise we would have thrown away.

In the coming age, with the climate changing rampantly the concept of sustainable living will become a necessity. Radhika urged the students to take small initiatives, as small as refusing to use a plastic bag while going vegetable shopping, to fight against climate change.

Overall, the students and teachers had loads of fun interacting with Radhika and learning new methods to reduce waste and live sustainably.