Date of Upload: 13th July, 2020

EVOLVE- How Films Affect Society And Pop Culture

On 11 July, our guest speaker, Shaan Sachdeva conducted a very engrossing “EVOLVE” Session on - How Films Affect Society And Pop Culture.  Having worked with multiple directors on various films and advertisements, Shaan decided to share his accumulated knowledge of the industry with the students of Sanskaar. Shaan, who is also working on his very first feature film, talked about how audio-visual media gives us a platform and a voice that must be used very responsibly since it has the power to influence and change society. 

He then went on to discuss what the Indian film industry lacks in today’s world, beginning with the representation of women. For the longest time, women have been portrayed as a secondary character, whose sole purpose would be to act as the love interest of the protagonist. However, with movies like “Raazi” and “Thappad”, this is slowly changing. The root of the problem seems to be the lack of female directors and scriptwriters which again goes on to prove the point that there is a lack of representation in our industry. In addition to this, Shaan talked about how Bollywood films barely touch the base when it comes to representing the lgbtqia+ community and how this shapes us as a society. Films have the power to change our opinions but with the restricted roles and storylines that we dedicate to this community, we are restricting our views and opinions as well. The movies we watch often give us an unrealistic view of life; whether it is beauty standards, love, relationships or mental health, what we need to understand as a society is that each and every one of us is flawed, and we must embrace our imperfections. Unfortunately, our film industry fails to do so. 

Towards the end, Shaan talked about what responsible viewing is and that we as an audience must question why a movie is made the way it is made. We need to change our perception of viewing movies- they are not just a source of entertainment, rather they should be viewed for inspiration and the messages that are deep-rooted in the story of the movie.

All in all, the students, along with the teachers, had a great time interacting with the alum and they definitely learned a lot about how to be smarter as an audience. 

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