Date of Upload: 7th July, 2020

Evolve - Public Speaking Not A Fear Anymore

"Public speaking not a fear, but a power.”

Evolve is Sanskaar’s very own platform for students to conduct webinars according to their interests. Through this children would be able to attend guest speakers who will guide you about different activities and make you learn new things. Not only that, but children also have a platform to present and host a session. So our program is completely student-led. This not only increases confidence in fellow students on their creativity and talents but also encourages them to share it so that others can learn and enjoy along with them.

Rishika’s evolve session, addressing this issue, turned out to be a huge success. It was a very knowledgeable and interactive session in which she discussed various stereotypes related to the topic. While giving different public speaking tips, she also gave out ways you can tackle your fears. Talking about glossophobia, she explained what causes it and how it can be addressed. She also shared some examples of famous personalities like Abraham Lincoln, who suffered from the same problem. Finally, the session ended with a very lively question and answer session.

Report by

Onisha Murab