Date of Upload: 4th July, 2020

Virtual Scanvenger Hunt & Talk Show

What better way to do something fun and “normal” at the end of the week! 

Scavenger Hunt was conducted on Saturday, 4th July 2020 which came in as probably one of the most popular games to be played with students and the energy and excitement of students was at another level. The premise was simple, and students of Grade II & III had a list of item clues.  After a quick word of advice and rules for the game from their class teacher, students were asked to run through their house attempting to crack the riddle and find the items. Finally, children showed the items on the screen and spoke about it. The list had a category that involved all sorts of different objects found at home. Just searching around the entire house for the different things to complete the scavenger hunt was fun and children enjoyed competing with their classmates as each one wanted to be the first to have found the items on the list.

Scavenger hunt allowed students to practice problem-solving in a tangible way. It was like an exercise for the mind and body.  Scavenger Hunt activity was played with great zeal and ended with leaving children of Prangan smiling and super happy as they were actively engaged in planning, playing, solving clues and speaking. Watching and enjoying the Pranganites made the teachers so proud. This wonderful game bought so much joy to both students and the teachers.

Capturing memories of their loved ones, understanding lives better and becoming more sensitive towards the lives of people around. Keeping all the above aims in mind, the students of Grade - 4 & 5 conducted an online event- ‘Talk Show-Rendezvous with Me’. Decked up in formals- the little professionals were prepared well in advance with great zeal and fervour. 

A lot of research could be witnessed in deciding upon the themes and the related questions to be put up while conducting the interviews by our creative geniuses.

The open and closed ended questions were all well framed and the themes such as ‘experiences while growing in 60s’, ‘experiences while becoming a dancing queen’ etc, left us in great awe.