Date of Upload: 1st July, 2020

Mentor Time - Emotional Wellbeing

“Caring for the mind is as important and crucial as caring for the body. One cannot be healthy without the other.”

To equip our students to adapt to the “New Normal Way of Life”, a session on emotional health and well-being was planned during the mentors’ time. Students were made aware of the importance of - Mental Health, Mindfulness and Emotional Well-being with the help of an interactive video. 

The teacher discussed, “The Five Ways of Wellbeing” with the students. The students were motivated to take notice of their surroundings, to connect with people. The teacher advised them to stay active by being involved in creativity and play. So, they continue to learn and grow. The teacher urged the students to openly discuss their emotions and feelings with their friends and family. 

Students saw a short video on “Mindfulness Breathing Exercise” to stay calm. They also practised the breathing exercises along with the video. 

Continuing with the Public Speaking Activity, students shared their views on different topics relevant to the present situation. Naysha Singhal’s (2 E) speech on National Doctor’s Day, Dishita Swami’s (5A) talk on Virtue of Forgiveness, Saatwika’s (4) speech on ‘History’ and Manya Agarwal’s  (4F) ‘Tips to Enhance Immunity’ were informative. It was interesting and thought-provoking when students listened to Pranit Anand (4B) on ‘Are Smart Watches so Smart and Required?’, ‘The Most Cleaner and Affordable Means of Transport- Bicycle’ by Minagra (4B), Rishita Choudhary of 5 D on ‘ Different Kinds of Gems’ and Samar Singh Holkar’s (3D) speech on ‘Why Aeroplanes are White in Colour?’  Students were calm and confident and were well prepared for the speech. It was definitely a great experience for the speakers to enhance their communication skills to an online audience.

Given below are the video links on the Five Ways of Wellbeing and Mindfulness Breathing to Stay Calm. Students are advised to watch them again and practice the breathing exercises for a healthy body and healthy mind.

Video Link: