Date of Upload: 29th June, 2020

Evolve - What They Don't Teach You In School

On the 27th of June, students of Sopaan and Shikhar were given the opportunity to interact with Mr. Abhishek Rakheja, an alum of The Sanskaar Valley School in the webinar series, "Evolve".

Mr. Rakheja is a graduate in Economics and Politics from The University of Edinburgh and is currently working with The Economist. In the interactive webinar, he took us down his journey as a student in TSVS and as an international graduate. He discoursed on ‘What they don’t teach you in school’. Mr. Rakheja emphasized the importance of school friendship, regarding them as the best bonds that can be made, and discussed "path dependency", helping the students realise that progress doesn't follow a straight line. He also stressed how important it is to keep an open mind and forage learning beyond the textbooks. He encouraged students to take failure in its stride, and accept that failure is inevitable, and that one should learn from it and continue to grow rather than being afraid of it. He also advised the students to remember that college experience is different from school and that they would need serious will power and planning skills to make it through. In this dialogue, young and impressionable students learned to break the stigma of ‘what is expected’ and to take it easy upon themselves, as Mr. Rakheja encouraged students to not think too far into the future, and focus on what they can do now. The students, along with the teachers, had a great time interacting with the alum, who enthusiastically answered questions.


Anandita Saksena and Shatakshi Tyagi.