Date of Upload: 29th June, 2020

Fun Saturday Activities

It was time for the students of Prangan to think out of the box and put all creativity in the magical pot to give shape to their imaginations.

Once again, the young creative minds of Prangan were at work on 27th of June, 2020 during the Event Fun Time, where children of Grade II & III designed ‘The Wackiest Hat’ that they could think of by putting all the available items to their best use. This activity gave wings to the student’s creativity and was a hands-on experience. The children amazed their teachers by attempting this activity independently and so did the teachers, by wearing their virtual hats to encourage these little enthusiasts.

As it is said that ‘Time spent with family is worth every second’, children of Grade IV and V conducted a talk show ‘Rendezvous with Me’ where they interviewed their family member with full confidence and spark in their eyes. This talk show was like an opportunity for students to express their gratitude and love to their treasured ones. 

The varied interviews gave the wholesome experience to one and all. It was an incredible experience for the students to explore their hidden talent, as well as a treat for teachers and parents to watch them do such activities.