Date of Upload: 25th June, 2020

Mentor Time - Communication Skills

Allowing children to learn by doing is the best way to teach. 

To teach effective Communication Skills to our ‘Young Pranganites’ we conduct a weekly Public Speaking Session. Whereby students spoke on a given topic and strengthen their communication skills. The activity gave them an opportunity to learn to present their thoughts in front of an audience and overcome their shyness and other inhibitions. 

Also, our enthusiastic speakers shared their views on the importance of friends in their lives. They talked about their free time activities, their efforts to become responsible young adult and shared their humble efforts to protect the environment. They even tackled difficult topics like what is more important, the appearance or the character of a person? 

It was a satisfying experience to see them work towards strengthening their communication skills. Strong Communication Skills will prepare them to compete and present their views on a wider platform. 

Students were oriented about the new Remote Learning Plan with the help of a Powerpoint Presentation.