Date of Upload: 22nd June, 2020

Tongue Twister & Toy Stories

Yet another day, yet another event, yet more fun!!!!!

Our students always welcome opportunities to learn new things. This Saturday, on 20th June, the little cuties of Grade II and III explored their imagination through an activity “Creating Story With Toys”. They took us into their fantasy world and gave morals too. The motive of the activity was to increase verbal proficiency in a fun way. They also learned to communicate their thoughts and feelings with other students.

On the other hand, the seniors of Prangan grade IV and V did an amazing activity “Tongue Twister”. Tongue twisters strengthen and stretch the muscles involved in speech. It helps to improve pronunciation and fluency and enhances retention capacity. This activity aims at having fun and rapport building among students and teachers. Students were asked to say a tongue twister thrice. Everyone had a great time during  this activity as few students got it right in first chance and some  struggled throughout. The session was full of laughter and lightened the mood of all.