Date of Upload: 22nd June, 2020

Class Teacher Time - 20 June, 2020

As we triumphantly commence with our e-learning goals towards the fourth week of June. The Class teacher’s time was a joyous moment of togetherness and profound feelings. Elevating student awareness of global issues is increasingly important hence teachers discussed current happenings around the world. The Sun’s ring of fire and the history of the Sahara twinkled their eyes with amazement and minds with curiosity. Then, it was a moment to celebrate and honour the fathers and the father figures in our lives’. Teachers helped students recognize the important role that their fathers play by showing them some videos on ‘father’s love and dedication’. Students made heartfelt cards to gift their daddies. Lastly, to promote wellbeing, mental health and resilience among pupils; student shared their experiences and moral leanings when they did a good deed towards someone. The audience was inspired to take up noble values and imbibe them in their lives. The day ended with lots of learning and gratitude towards all that we have.  

Links of videos shown during the session: 

Grade II & III- 

Grade IV & V-