Date of Upload: 17th June, 2020

Evolve - Online Journaling And Marketing Content

One should make a habit of trying new things and what better time to do it when students are stuck at home. Based on the same thought, The Sanskaar Valley School’s council has formulated student led activity program “Evolve” - a comprehensive program or series of sessions which range from webinars, workshops, discussions to thought provoking and heart-rendering seminars on the topics which one relates to and one needs to know about. 

For the very first session of Evolve, school’s alums Zoya Warsi and Riddhi Dawar were invited to host a session on “Online Journaling and Content Marketing.” 

The session proved to be instrumental in clearing some very important questions in the minds of the younger students. Can passion be turned into a profession? Can a simple blog be commercialised? How to expand your reach? etc. Importance of finding out one’s niche and how to develop that was also discussed. 

Personal stories of both of the hosts were shared, where Zoya Warsi talked about her contemporary food blog in relevance to consistency, importance of sufficient knowledge as she shared her journey with food. Riddhi Dawar too emphasised upon signature aesthetic, legalities of a blog all the while involving the audience in her very own story about how she came to start her blog which includes fashion, food, lifestyle among other things. 

The students gained information on various areas and left the webinar with a clear idea and a list of things they need to ensure to give their passion a more productive shape.

Report - Onisha Murab