Date of Upload: 16th June, 2020

Mentor Time - 6th June 2020

On 6 June 2020, Saturday,  Mentor Time sessions were held throughout Shikhar block. The session is of 30 minutes and focuses on interaction and brainstorming about society, our environment and the small things that we usually do not notice or have ignored due to the responsibilities showered on us by the system that we live in. 

Following topics were addressed - 

1. Share, Joy and Care 

The idea behind this is the innocence that is nowhere seen in the current world and with the increase in the materialistic urge, we tend to forget that it is all about sharing the happiness and joy rather than just be living it trying to achieve more and more. Students gave their views about the way they have also been occupied with the current situation and that they no more see the small achievements in life and would only become happy if they achieve something big. They also highlighted that we have become self-centered and that the child in the video, as he grows up would also become selfish and eventually run the same race as they are doing now. The students also share the recent incident of the elephant that was killed brutally. Some also believed that we still have some goodness left and the society will improve with the youth who is much more aware now. 

2. Too Quick To Judge 

The way people judge individuals on the basis of their looks, such people believe judging and bullying is their birthright. Kaushal also shared a wonderful incident about a poor lady who was helped by her mother which had impacted her in a positive way. 

Mentor - Dr. Dillip Kumar Panda

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3. Spreading happiness through little acts of kindness and gratitude

A very simple way to spread more happiness in our own little world is through kindness. It is often an easy and quick thing we can do as we move through our daily life. Keeping in mind these thoughts, a couple of videos were shown where people were seen helping selflessly. Students discussed the topic and realized and felt that it is touching to see so much love beyond eternity during this period of lockdown and pandemic. The feedback after the class showed that the thoughtful, creative measures people are taking to bring one another strength, hope and joy are actually motivating children to be more empathetic towards others. It really is the little things. Absolutely precious! 

Mentor - Ms Urmila Yadav

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4. Empathy

Mentor - Ms Shefali Anand

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