Date of Upload: 15th June, 2020

Class Teacher Time - 13 June, 2020

Our endeavour is to bring the best out of each student with a caring and empathetic approach towards imparting education during the new normal.

Prangan hosted its third e-Class teacher’s time on 13th June, Saturday 2020. Students were given an opportunity to say a prayer of their choice. Every time one student will offer a prayer during this period. They were also acquainted with the current happenings of the world through discussions and videos. It was ensured that the students were aware of proper hygiene and handwashing. They were shown a video on how the Superhero soap destroys the viruses.  The students were also asked to share their daily routine with their peers. They carried out with ‘My Family Flower’ activity, an enjoyable exercise that reflected their abundance of love and bonding for their family members.

Links to videos shown during this session

Strawberry moon - 

My Soap My Superhero- Video on Hand washing

Grade II & III - 

Grade IV & V - 

Current happenings Taglines

The Royal mighty roar is back again! Count me if you can!

The Asiatic Lion is back.

Once in a lifetime aha moment, the Strawberry moon, oh! fly me to the lovely moon!

Ever seen such a frightful rain, the locusts are flying in heaps!

My soap My superhero- Good hygiene is in your hands. Keep calm and practice good hygiene’. Awareness generation on self-hygiene.