Date of Upload: 15th June, 2020

Poster & Comic Strip Making Activity

Creativity is like renewable energy. By using it we create more energy which helps us to become innovative. 

Our enthusiastic students of Prangan ensured that their creativity and imagination knew no bounds by participating with full fervor in “My superhero” poster making competition organized on 13th June for Grade II and III. Whereas, for Grade IV and V Comic Strip making on ‘Life @ the time of lockdown’ competition was organized.

The parents and children were well informed in advance about the event through the posters circulated on their class group and school website.

They were able to reveal their understanding of the difficult time and for some, their moms and dads were real superheroes, some gave huge respect to the frontline workers and their families. The children thought creatively and gave wings to their imagination. They were able to connect easily to the present scenario and showed a lot of appreciation for each other’s work too. Grade IV and V were successful in spreading humor in air through their funny comic strips and made the atmosphere very light and enjoyable for all.  Like renewable energy, learning never stops and does not end. Prangan students and teachers are evolving in the new normal as holistic education is about ' Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.