Date of Upload: 22nd January, 2020

IC3 Regional Forum

The Sanskaar Valley School was the proud host of the IC3 Regional Forum held in Bhopal on 21st January, 2020. These forums are a series of one day events held in high schools across India, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Oceania organized by the IC3 Conference Committees where counselors, teachers and principals from the local area interact with universities from across the globe with the overall mission of bringing career and college counselling to every school for every student.

The IC3 Regional Forum held at our school saw more than 110 delegates from over 20 cities and 70+ schools in Madhya Pradesh, along with 20 university delegates from 6 countries and representatives from 2 internationally acclaimed educational organizations, come together for a collaborative dialogue on issues that drive sustainable and inclusive counselling practices focused on student success and empowering high schools with professional development opportunities. It was an action packed event filled with a series of interactive sessions and panel discussions which addressed and answered burning questions like “what to study”, “where to study” and “how to make it happen” for students.

The event commenced with a dance performance- a unique fusion and a beautiful amalgamation of Bharatnatyam, Kathak, and Contemporary dance forms which represented the necessity to accept change as the very lifeblood and essence of growth and progression.

The founder of IC3 Mr. Ganesh Kohli then addressed the audience and talked about the importance of empowering schools to build and maintain robust, well-resourced and research oriented career and counselling offices. He also conducted the first session of the day, “The Counselling Laboratory” where he talked about the impact streamlined education and career choices have on morale and happiness, ways to evolve the relationship between educators and parents, along with emphasizing the necessity to sensitize our entire community on the criticality and need of career and college counselling. Additionally Mr. Kohli spoke about how empowering high schools can bring recruitment as a sweet byproduct.

The next session was a discussion about “Future Career Options” led by Dr. Vinay Mishra (HOD – Psychology, The Bhopal School of Social Sciences), Ms. Kanchi Khanna (Director – Communications & Outreach, Krea University), Ms. Bulbul Chaudhary (Director – Outreach, Admissions & Academic Collaboration, ISDI) and Ms. Natasha Goel (Assistant Manager- Plaksha University) which stressed on the fact that careers which allow other people to get along with everybody are the ones which will survive and are essential for improved mental growth of the future generation.

This was followed by a series of significant and pertinent discussions which addressed the issues of debunking career myths with creative career counselling conducted by Ms. Khushboo Bedi (Co-ordinator, SAMCARA, The Career Counselling Cell, The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal) and Ms. Namrata Sharma (Career Counsellor, The Sanskaar Valley School) which sensitized the audience to the realities of traditional education and why career counselling is integral in today’s dynamic world.

The final session offered solutions on how to overcome challenges to thrive in a transforming world, analyzed how educators can create an environment that sets students up for success and emphasized on the need to inculcate empathy in students. This session was conducted by Mr. Vikram Shah (the Executive Director, South Asia at The College Board) and Dr. Dillip K Panda (Head, Shikhar, The Sanskaar Valley School)

The delegates and participants were also given the opportunity to interact with university representatives from different countries to know more about their admission procedures and courses offered.

The event was a huge success with renowned educationists from different fields coming together under one roof and contributing towards IC3’s mission to change the face of career counselling in the world, and developing a brand new progressive template which can be used universally by students for guidance and support.