Date of Upload: 22nd December, 2019

Sportacular 2019

The kindergarten section of The Sanskaar Valley School presented its Sports Carnival for Aadhar on Friday, 20th August 2019 with the belief that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

The event kick-started with the passing of the ceremonial torch by the representatives of all the classes. The Director Ms Jyoti Agarwal, the Principal Ms Shiela Raghu and the Head of Aadhar Ms Neetu Singh addressed the parents and declared the Sports meet open. Children of Aadhar then took to the field in a jog where each class was led by an eminent Indian sports personality they could emulate. The kids then moved towards individual class performances with  Dance Aerobics by  Aarambh and Neev I which was action-packed and energetic. Kids of Neev II gave a robust performance where they celebrated different games like soccer, badminton, wrestling, cricket etc. The presentation by the children of Nirmaan was a culmination of all the skills they learned throughout their years in Aadhar. The confidence of the little Aadharians proved yet again, that they were not only aces inside the classrooms but also on the tracks out in the sports field.  The highlight of the day was the Soccer match between Super dads of Aarambh & Neev I and Incredible dads of Neev II & Nirmaan. The enthusiasm of the dads was commendable and they put in great effort;  all wanting to be perfect role models for their little ones.

The journey of the children, from the practice sessions to the final day of Sportacular '19 served to teach each child important life skills like goal setting, perseverance, resilience, patience, teamwork and working under pressure.

The sports day thus kindled the spirit of sportsmanship in everyone, including the children, the teachers, and the parents which will be kept alive in our hearts and minds for times to come.