Date of Upload: 24th November, 2019

Founders Day 2019 - Exhibition Report

This year the Annual Founder's Day of The Sanskaar Valley School, saw the students and teachers go above and beyond to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in an exhibition organized by them.  Aptly named 'In The Footsteps of The Mahatma', the exhibition strived to uphold the overarching tenets of Gandhian philosophy: community, service and national pride.  An environmental friendly production, this year's exhibition was entirely plastic free and made use of exclusively biodegradable or recycled materials.  From the wheat glue used to bind the paper maché sculptures by the Art students to the sustainable model housing made by the Environmental Club, and the plastic free kitchen presented by the Youngchef Club, the students have led the way in paying tribute to both our Mahatma, and to the beauty and bounty of our natural heritage.