Date of Upload: 22nd November, 2019

Microsoft EDU DAYS

We have developed an AI enabled app titled “Voices that Matter”. People of this digital era are glued to their devices and have become digital slaves. Children while listening to songs and playing games, house wives while watching Podcasts and adults while working on official mails etc. end up ignoring the urgent needs of people around them. With an aim to evoke empathy, we propose a solution freeing each generation from digital slavery. Our vision is to have our app as one of the default apps in all operating systems and devices.

Upon installation, the user needs to register his information and voices that matter to him or her and then enter the specific keywords that he/she is addressed by. When anyone calls the person, if the voice frequency and keyword are matched, an interrupt is generated covering 75% of the screen forcing the user to respond, stopping his current engagement. We have developed a prototype of this app, and during EduDays the Microsoft technical team commended our idea and promised to help us convert this prototype into reality. If this is successfully implemented, it will be a tribute from us to the Father of our Nation on his 150th birthday. Our project is focused on making individuals more responsible and sensitive towards the needs of others.

From a Student’s Prespective- 

The Sanskaar Valley Students developed a prototype of an AI enabled app titled "Voices that Matter" to solve the problem of digital slavery as a part of the Microsoft AI Good Idea Challenge. 

About 80 schools participated and around 160 projects were submitted. The top five teams were invited to Gurgaon, Westin Hotel on 19th and 20th November to showcase their project along with their mentor teacher. 

The Sanskaar Valley team comprising of Aadya Bharti, Utkarsh Upadhyay, Kaushiki Malviya, Avijit Bhati and Ojasw Tiwari from Grade 9 Cambridge along with their mentor Sonia Wadhwa participated in this two days meet, which was a great platform for learning/sharing and showcasing their work to eminent people of the Education Industry. Mrs Wadhwa, was also selected to showcase her own project in the Educator Category.