Date of Upload: 20th November, 2019

Peer Teaching By Grade V - SVN

A peer teaching workshop was conducted by the students of Grade V D (Samaria Uppal, Yusuf Ghafoor, Rishi Krishna Menon and Eshanya Jain) for the students of SVN on 18th November 19.The workshop was based on the topic ‘ A Clean House’ where children explained what is an ideal house, how to keep a house clean, how to dispose the waste, maintenance of drainage system and some tips to keep the house clean. Children adopted methodologies like explaining the different rooms in an ideal house with the help of a working model showing all the important rooms in a house. Tips to keep a house clean were given in a very interesting way with the help of hand puppets.   

Methods of waste disposal were taught to students with the help of Biodegradable and Non- biodegradable dust bins wherein children were asked to segregate the items given to them like plastic bottles, dry leaves, banana peels and coke tins. A recap was done to reinforce the topics taught. A spell check was also conducted where children exchanged the notebooks with their partners and assessed each other’s spellings. It was indeed a fruitful session and we look forward for more sessions as it was an enriching experience for the students. 

Another group of students from V E (Akshay, Chinmayee, Riya, Aayush, Dev and Dhairya) taught Grade III students of SVN. The topic was word problems in fractions. The students explained the importance of story sums and tips for solving word problems easily. It was then demonstrated with the help of an example where they used concrete object - cutout of ‘butterfly’. In groups the students solved different word problems with the help of charts and worksheet. Students enjoyed a short game which was conducted outside the classroom where they were asked questions like “1/4 of the students will clap hands and remaining students will wave their hands. What fraction of the students waved their hands?” It was a fun session for both the ‘teacher’ and the ‘taught’ and the concept was very clear to them through this game.  

The session concluded with a recap of the lesson and spellings related to the terms in ‘fraction’ like numerator and denominator were discussed.  It was a session which helped our students to enhance their knowledge.