Date of Upload: 18th November, 2019

Guest Editor

Report on a visit to the Dainik Bhaskar office 

It's always easier and more effective to segregate tasks and allow yourself to focus on one thing at a time. In the writing process, this means write first, edit later.

On 13th November, 2019, junior guest editors from five schools were called to Dainik Bhaskar to work on and frame the City Bhaskar for 14th November. One of our students Rishika Katyal of class 12th H took part in it.  They were informed about the various columns of the newspaper, briefed about the lead news and also how to fit and categorize the news in different sections etc. They were additionally given details about field work and desk work.

The first task assigned to the students was to fill in the inputs for different headlines, for eg. design exhibition or drama presentation in Bharat Bhavan. The students worked on the captions of different pictures and analysed previous newspapers to ensure accuracy. The last task was given to them by a field reporter. She gave them the contact details of talented and passionate youth artists. The students had a word with them about their story and achievements, the essence and crux of which were incorporated in a rough draft.

It was a great learning experience for everyone involved, and an opportunity to explore the world of media and editing by working with seasoned professionals.