Date of Upload: 16th November, 2019

Children's Day at Aadhar

    “Childhood means fun unlimited, bounteous shower of love and care, realm of imagination and joy of growing up.”

The kindergarten section of The Sanskaar Valley School celebrated Children’s Day at Aadhar for the tiny tots on Thursday, 14th November 2019.
The day began with a colorful vista of beautifully decorated Aadhar premises with vibrant balloons welcoming our little ones on their special day. Little Aadharians were taken out for some fun under the sun, where children felt the rhythm and sang to their heart’s delight. It was a day of sharing their home packed tiffins with their pals. They played outdoor games adding on to the excitement of being with their friends. The picnic outing allowed the children to be free to enjoy unstructured games. Grabbing the opportunity to engage in Free Play, great things happened on their special day which our little ones will cherish for times to come.