Date of Upload: 16th November, 2019

Aarambh's Peppy P Day

Picking and pasting paper on Pencils
Making Pencil stand with Potato painting
Partying on the Poolside
Playing with friends
This is how our Perfect P day ends!

It was a delight to see the little ones dressed up as Prince and Princess for their Perfect Pool Party. The day commenced with a bang on the poolside where kids did Show and Tell followed by collage making. The many  Alphabet P activities planned for Aarambh kids included making a Pencil stand, pasting and painting popsicles, putting their minds to decipher a Parrot Puzzle, making pencil shavings, making of Pretty Pencils by pasting paper, practicing for their assembly, playing Poshampa and Pakadam Pakdai. It was such a Perfect Peppy day for our little ones.