Date of Upload: 11th November, 2019

Extension Workshop On Business Studies

Date and Venue

The workshop was conducted on 7th and 8th November 2019 at the D. G. Khetan International School Mumbai.

Resource Person

The training/workshop was conducted by Mr. Michael Jones.


The workshop was attended by 18 participants who came from across the nation.

The Training-Workshop

On 7/11/2019 the workshop was opened with an introduction of resource person and welcoming the participants with their self-introduction and establishing the ground rules. Mr. Michael Jones then went on to the session by discussing best practices followed by participants and assessment of learner’s strength and weakness. The second half of the session focused on exploring various teaching approaches followed by teachers along with identifying challenges faced by learners by using RAG rate system.

On 8/11//2019 the workshop commenced with understanding of mark scheme. Later, during the  session marking of scripts were done and area of differences were discussed among fellow participants. Workshop was concluded with discussion change in syllabus and marking from 2020-22 and drafting scheme of work and lesson plan.