Date of Upload: 8th November, 2019

Time Traveler Day Grade-V

Time Traveler Day was planned in Prangan for Grade V on 8th November 2019. This gave an opportunity to the students to imagine themselves in all the different eras of the past; or to think about travelling to the future. 

Various students displayed their creativity by dressing up as a Scandinavian Warrior, Razia Sultan, Kaurwaki (Samrat Ashoka’s wife), Thomas Elva Edison, Cave Men etc. from the past. Future cricketers wanted to win all the world cups and future kids wanted to save water. In this activity children gained awareness of different decades from the past to the present day. This awareness was developed by dressing up and speaking about the era of their choice. They carried accessories and props according to their attire. 

Creating the correct atmosphere is essential for learning to take place so keeping this theory in mind a Time Machine was displayed where children enjoyed getting themselves clicked. This activity was all about giving them opportunities to experience and the purpose was very well achieved as the students enjoyed to the fullest and lived the different eras.