Date of Upload: 2nd November, 2019

Round Square Doon School

The Doon School Round Square Leadership Program was a great experience for us, focusing on the importance of overcoming our fears and exploring the world. The time spent debating about our problems, can actually be utilized in trying to solve them. If we can successfully implement this small change in our lives, then gradually our planet will become a better place to live in. “Leaders tell stories in many different ways, but they mostly tell stories with their actions.” We took part in a plethora of activities such as Joe Harry Window, Rock Climbing, Rappling, Slithering, and Cave Trekking that taught us the importance of team building, communication, leadership skills and various other life-skills.

The ideals, ethos and moments shared together in this program were truly wonderful, enriching us with great memories and experiences! 

  • By Kovid Shrivastava 8 A