Date of Upload: 1st November, 2019

Time Traveler Day

Time Traveler Day was organized in Prangan for Grade II & III on 1st November 2019, which gave an opportunity to the students to imagine themselves in all the different eras of the past; or to think about travelling into the future to see what the world holds for them. 

Students chose their time period and decided whether they were going to travel to the past or the future. Students also dressed up through the different eras of the past and few chose to imagine themselves earlier to a time of stone age and cavemen. Others moved forward by visiting the future to see where the world is headed out of their own imagination and creativity. Some children also chose to dress up as to what they wish to be in future eg. Scientist, Astronaut, Army men, Businessman, Actor, etc. They carried accessories and props according to their attire. Children shared about the era they chose and spoke an important event of that time.