Date of Upload: 14th October, 2019

Spreading Dyslexia Awareness

While Bhopal was celebrating Dussehra, the students of Sanskaar Valley had something bigger to look upto - Dyslexia week: 7th-13th October, October being the Dyslexic month. The prefectorial council of Sopaan (middle school) with the Special Needs Department of the school, “Learning lab” took this initiative.

The Learning lab is a department in TSVS which supports children with special needs. 

They focussed on spreading awareness about dyslexic children, the challenges they face also how they are sometimes bullied.

A skit was performed by the students, which highlighted realistic and relatable scenes of a classroom, to connect with the audience. It showed the journey of two dyslexic kids and difficulties faced by them. By the end, both the kids are seen to be talented in certain fields, this makes others realise that every student shines bright in their own light. 

The conclusion of the assembly was very simple as I quote, “A person uses glasses because that person requires to, he/she won’t be able to see without them. In the same way, some students go for remedial classes to the Learning lab because they need this support.”

We were able to deliver the message that especially abled children are no less than normal children and they are self- sufficient once given the right support. Dyslexic kids don’t need sympathy, love, understanding, or support, what they actually need is empathy. 


Report by
Nikita Idnani 8 I
Sopaan Captain