Date of Upload: 12th October, 2019

Microsoft News

Every year in May-July, Microsoft opens the Nomination for schools to apply for becoming a Microsoft School. During the nomination process, we need to submit a few lesson plans created using Microsoft Tools, evidence of the teaching-learning case studies where learning outcomes have been improved with the inclusion of Microsoft tools, innovative projects created by the students and few testimonials by students and teachers demonstrating which tool they are using and in what way.

Based on the nominations Microsoft selects schools to become- Microsoft School, Associate Showcase School or Microsoft Showcase School (Highest in recognition).

The same way they open Nomination for Educators to become Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts. Teachers also submit lesson plans, projects, case-studies etc which include the innovative use of Microsoft Tools in Teaching-Learning Process. This year about 12-13 teachers had applied from school and based on nominations, 8 are accepted into Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Community. 

Teachers who have become MIEE Expert this year are:

  • Sonia Wadhwa
  • Neha Thombre
  • Nazia Mansoor Khan
  • Khusboo Jaswani
  • Yamini Sharma
  • Nida Sheeba
  • Monika Pahilajani
  • Jigyasa Thakkar