Date of Upload: 10th October, 2019

Class II - Dussehra Assembly

Our country is known to be a land of festivals & celebrations. Dussehra is one such festival which is unique in its perception and significance. To celebrate the victory of good over evil, the students of class 2-B of Sanskaar Vidhya Niketan, Bhopal, presented an assembly. Children showcased the story of Ramayana incorporating Sita’s swyamvar, her abduction and the killing of Ravana. 

The story demonstrated how the victory of good and truth over evil and falsehood was attained. It also conveyed that the destruction of evil is not possible by merely burning effigies of Ravana every year. Evil that exists inside us in the form of jealousy, idleness and other bad habits also needs to be conquered, and only then can we truly celebrate Dussehra.

The participants performed well and received unanimous appreciation for their efforts. The Assembly culminated with a beautiful dance performance enjoyed by all.