Date of Upload: 8th October, 2019

Assembly by Neev II F

“Light is good from whichever lamp it shines, knowledge is good from whatever source it originates.”

Dussehra, also called Vijaydashmi is the culmination of nine days of Navratri celebrations. It’s a festival that symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

A special assembly was conducted by the little ones of Neev II F. The assembly kicked off with a graceful act of Goddess Durga defeating the demon Mahishasura. The students then enacted a few scenes from the Ramayana depicting the triumph of Lord Ram over King Ravana.

A  rhythmic ‘rap’ song presentation by the children gave a vivid description of the festival. This was followed by a dance on ‘आरम्भ है प्रचंड’ that conveyed the essence of the festival.