Date of Upload: 8th October, 2019

My Memorable Messy ‘M’ Day

Little marshmallows of Aarambh were found,

Having Masti all around.

With messy hands but happy hearts, making memories  in a different way,

This is how they celebrated their ‘M’ Day.”

Kids started their day with Show and Tell followed by collage making. Munchkins of Aarambh enjoyed doing their letter M hunt and putting mud on mountains.  They also made different shapes out of the mud given to them.

The activity period saw the little ones make Mickey and Minnie Mask, which they merrily wore home. Kids also made a mat by mosaic painting on letter M. The Mickey mouse movie and Maltova Milk added to the masti of the letter 'M' and each messy dot on their clothes reflected the fun they had.