Date of Upload: 5th October, 2019

Euphoria 2019 Grade IV and V

Celebration of Blissful Learning 

On 5th October 2019, Prangan celebrated its Annual day with great enthusiasm and zeal. Euphoria 2019 – was a gala event, a delightful experience of perfection, precision, elegance and diligence on a single platform for the spectators. Grades IV and V participated wholeheartedly in making this event a grand success. The overwhelming appreciation and resounding applause of the audience was a validation of the tireless dedication and hard work put in by the students.

The event was presented in two parts so that each child gets an opportunity to showcase their talent on stage. The first part was presented by Grade IV. The event unfolded with the lighting of the lamp. The Principal Ms. Sheela Raghu and the Head of Prangan Ms. Manpreet Bhan graced the day with their address and declared the event open. A choir of 45 students presented ‘Raagotsav’, a blend of classical raagas sung by the majestic choir live on stage. The harmony created by the instruments and delicate voices connected deeply with the audience and pulled at their heartstrings. This superb performance was followed by ‘Badhai’, a special folk dance of Bundelkhand, presented flawlessly by the young dancers. Next was a Hindi play ‘Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja’, which conveyed a crucial social message and emphasized on the importance of electing a wise leader like Bapu. This play was a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary. This value driven play was followed by fluid dance movements on peppy songs, as our students created magic on stage with ‘Zest for Life’, a Contemporary Dance Presentation.  Next was an enactment of the English play ‘Mary Poppins’s- A Theatrical Treat’ whose heartwarming scenes reminded everyone of their adorable grannies and nannies.  The program ended with the grand finale where all the participants came on the stage, cheered on by the resounding applause and praise of the audience. 

In the second half, Grade V commenced their program with the lighting of the auspicious lamp. The Principal Ms. Sheela Raghu encouraged the little ones with her motivating words, and the Head of Prangan Ms. Manpreet Bhan graced the day with her speech and declared the event open.  An impressive choir of 45 students presented ‘Raagotsav’, a blend of classical raagas, sung exquisitely by them on stage. The harmony created by the beautiful blending of instruments and delicate voices captivated everyone in the audience. This was followed by the Hindi play “Anokhi Patang”  which was a lesson in self-respect and confidence, splendidly enacted by the little actors. Students also presented ‘Taal Samanvay’ a fusion of classical dance styles of Odissi, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali and Chau dance. Their precision and subtle dance moves enthralled the spectators. The heart-wrenching play ‘Green Destination’ apprised everyone of the harmful effects of climate change and pollution and encouraged mankind to reconcile with nature. The play was interspersed with symphony and melody with a contemporary dance depicting the story of ‘The Giving Tree’.

The program ended with the Grand Finale as the children marched in with joy and pride, greeted by an overwhelming cheer and applause from the audience.