Date of Upload: 5th October, 2019

Shiv Nadar University Tour

On 2nd October, 2019, four students of grade 12 accompanied by the Samcara head, Mrs. Khushboo Bedi went for a campus visit to the Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida.

They experienced the college life by living in the hostel with others and following the same routine as them. They got an insight of what the campus looks like and a complete tour of the 256 acre wide college. The students were guided by a volunteer throughout who showed them the sports complex(basketball court, soccer field, gym, badminton, squash and tennis courts). The courts were indoor and air-conditioned with a recreational room inside. In the evening, the students were welcomed with cultural performances and given a glimpse of the variety of clubs that they could be a part of. They were enthralled by the videos of BREEZE, a three day event followed by fun, activities, dance, and music. It was described by the SNU students as three days of complete fun. The students experienced the night life there, where everyone gathers in the widespread campus after dinner and relaxes.

Next day, after breakfast the students were seated in the auditorium where the VC introduced them to the university and what if offers. Introduction to the respective courses by the professors followed next. The students then personally interacted with the professors to know more about the subjects they were interested as their majors or minors. The students who were doing research in their respective courses talked about their ongoing researches and how the professors have been guiding them. Each student was involved in their research work and felt grateful that their university gives them such an exposure. During the 2 day event, the students of TSVS interacted with the students of SNU who were  excited to share their experiences and totally encouraged the TSVS students to do their 4 year courses at SNU. The students also took a visit to the library which left them in awe.

The TSVS students were glad to be given such an opportunity and returned with lots of memories and experiences.