Date of Upload: 10th September, 2019

Regional Round Square Conference - Day Three & Closing Ceremony

The Morning of the day 3 of Round Square Conference, 2019, the delegates explored the most invigorating natural park in the city, Van Vihar, a thrilling ride for fun bikers and morning joggers. Cool zephyrs and light drizzles not only brightened up the beauty of this place, but also gave an opportunity to these wildlife lovers to spot a variety of almost all flora and fauna.

After a delicious breakfast, everyone gathered in Umang to welcome the keynote speaker of the day, Mr. Satyajeet Bhatkal, C.E.O. of the Paani Foundation. The session went on with an enlightening on the problems that we all face while implementing and adapting to ‘Change’.  Mr. Bhatkal shared with the audience that they are the stakeholders of their actions and if they believe in something, they can bring the revolution of change. When people come together and work shoulder to shoulder, they share a joyous outcome of the difference that they have made in the world. Followed the session was the Baraza, a stimulating discussion of the key points by all the 12 teams, who unanimously agreed that ‘a change in thought would change a lot.’

In the afternoon, living the spirit of service, the delegates served a delicious meal to support staff, expressing their gratitude. For environmental sustenance, they made seed balls of a variety of wild trees, to be dispersed in the campus and around and participated in a chart-making competition, to showcase the change they expect in themselves as well as in India on a chart.

The eve of the day saw the best and the brightest of the Regional Round Square Conference showcase their multifarious talents with great joie de vivre and gusto. From the emotive poets to the mellifluous notes of the baritones, the lyrical rappers and the art lovers , the budding artists took the opportunity and space to express themselves and showcase their inner potentials.

The night turned out to be almost magical. With the dark clouds and the incessant rains hovering around, the young delegates reverberated Ananda with gleeful cheering of Bollywood and Western pop and lifted their spirits with laughter, loud music, and folk dances. Satisfying their appetite was a variety of Italian pasta, spicy salads, and mouth watering snacks amongst other things.  With everyone dressed up for the occasion, it was a night that everyone would remember for a long time.

On the final day of the Conference, the host surprised all the delegates by waking them with the most colorful memoir of the conference, “Reflections”. After the breakfast, the closing ceremony was held in the Umang to culminate the four-day highly energetic and enthusiastic event with the proclamation of the Conference Statement and Conference photo. Finally, all the arrangements were made for the smooth and safe departure of all the delegates with smiling faces. RSC19 will be remembered fondly by all delegates in the years to come.