Date of Upload: 3rd August, 2019

Health And Hygiene Discussion At Svn

The more you give, the more you receive in return. This was the experience that all the girls of the social service club of Shikhar took back after they visited the little girls at the Sanskaar Vidya Niketan to discuss about basic health and hygiene, as health and hygiene is a key aspect for living a long, healthy life. On reaching there, the girls in groups of five went to different classes to give basic tips of health and hygiene like taking a bath everyday, washing your hands before meals and after using the washroom, changing their clothes and socks daily or at least in every alternate day. The girls also told them to have a healthy and balanced diet which includes cereals, pulses, vegetables and sweets. They also demonstrated the five steps to wash their hands in the proper manner. After this a poster making competition was also organized on the topic of Health and Hygiene. This competition was successful as all the girls participated with the utmost enthusiasm and the result was creative and beautiful posters. The more knowledge we gave them , the more love we received in return. One very important thing that all of us took back was that imparting knowledge, even if it is the most basic type, is the biggest wealth that anybody can give.