Date of Upload: 3rd August, 2019

Winner Of The Subroto Cup Tournament 2019-20

State Subroto Cup tournament was held from 08th July to 12th July 2019 at Police ground, Chhindwara. Students of 10 divisions participated and The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal sent an impressive team comprising of 16 students- Aniket Das (Defender), Sahil Meer Sahib (Goalkeeper), Advait Thakur (Midfielder), Aman Gupta (Stricker), Mrityunjay Singh (Mid Fielder), Priyansh Gangwani (Defender), Adityoa Bagga (Defender), Shreenivas Menon (Mid Fielder), Soham Chhabra (Mid Fielder), Dhan Sharma (Defender), Arnav Bhandari (Mid Fielder), Aksh Pathak (Defender), Manya Patidar (Defender), Aradhya Sharma (Defender), Dhruv Gupta (Mid Fielder), Aryan Raj Singh (Mid Fielder).

Below are the results of all the matches that took place at Chhindwara:


Match -1 – Venue - Chhindwara Police ground

TSVS vs Narmadapuram

TSVS won the match 6-1.


TSVS vs Jan Jatiya Academy

TSVS won the match 2-1, in which 1st goal is scored by Mrityunjay Singh followed by Shreeniwas Menon.

Day-2 (Semi-Final)

TSVS vs Sagour, in which 1st goal is scored by Soham Chhabra followed by Mrityunjay Singh, Soham Chhabra, Advik Singh Thakur, and Arnav Bhandari.

TSVS won the match 5-0.

Day-3 (Final)

TSVS vs Jan Jatiya academy

TSVS won by 3-2, in which 1st goal scored by Shreeniwas Menon followed by Soham Chhabra and Aryan Raj Singh.

TSVS won the State Subroto Cup!!!

The team was the WINNER of the State Subroto Cup Tournament 2019-20 and brought back accolade for The Sanskaar Valley School.

This is the first time when Bhopal Division qualified for the Subroto Cup International Football Tournament which will be held in Delhi from 20th August to 29th August 2019.